Colourchord... "Instant Harmony"

Colourchord is a system for empowering untrained singers to sight-sing in four part harmony, using colour-coded lyric-sheets rather than musical notation:

The system works with any melody in the major scale, including pop songs:

There are some instructional videos below and the "online mixer" song samplers will help illustrate how it all works in practice, but in essence:

You have three “teams” (orange team, green team and purple team) and three chord colours (black, blue and red). Each team has a different starting note (indicated by their coloured dot) and different instructions for what to do for each chord colour:

  • Orange team stays put for black and blue, goes down for red

  • Green team stays put for black, goes up for blue and down for red

  • Purple team stays put for black and red, goes up for blue

It may perhaps seem a bit complicated on the page but the great thing is those patterns then work exactly the same for every song. All you need is for a few people in the group to know the melody of the song and away you go!

Simple four-part harmony for everyone

The Colourchord project has funding from Awards For All to see how the system might be useful for social singing, schools, choirs etc.

With thanks to Julian Cole for his brilliant code.

To get started with Colourchord read the How To Sing Colourchord instructions or watch the videos below.